Transformative Technology – Engineering the Future of Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

October 14th – 16th @ Sofia University

Palo Alto, California

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Transformative Technologies are science-based hardware and software that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience.

Transformative Technology seeks to improve the quality of our lives by moving beyond productivity, entertainment, and communication. Its using technology to sustain us, to help us access and develop our mental and emotional wellbeing so that we can experience our best-selves day-to-day.

The Transformative Technology Conference is the only conference focused on learning, sharing, and connecting in order to drive serious research and development, commercialization, and awareness of Transformative Technology.

Conference Overview

Last year, the inaugural Transformative Technology Conference (TTC) quickly sold out as it magnetized and brought together the community that is expanding the possibilities of what technology can mean for our wellbeing.

We put our stakes in the ground, looking to all the ways that tech can be used to exponentially increase global mental and emotional wellbeing, knowing that technology can be a key solution in bringing about the end of human suffering.

This year, we go bigger! From October 14 to 15th, prepare to be informed, inspired, and connected within this incredible ecosystem of innovators-–mavericks of the mind, engineers of optimization, scientists of self-mastery, entrepreneurs of exponentials, and investors of cognitive-emotional capital.

From the cutting edge of known modalities like HRV, EEG, and GSR to advances in up-and-coming areas like vagus nerve stimulation, this year’s TTC will ensure that you are up-to-date on the world of TranTech.

Connect with experts in the exponential technologies expanding the reach of AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, biohacking, neuroscience, and computational transformation. Hear from researchers working on the cutting edge of positive computing, affective computing and behavior change, and how these fields combine to improve human mental and emotional wellbeing in ways never previously imaginable.

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Confirmed Speakers for 2016 Include

David Eagleman, PhD

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Jeffery A. Martin

Director, Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness Research Professor, Transformative Technology Lab, Sofia University

Nichol Bradford

CEO & Founder, Willow Group, a Transformative Technology company; Executive Director, Transformative Technology Lab, Sofia University

Ivy Ross

Vice President, Design and User Experience for Hardware Products, Google

Mohamad Tarifi, PhD

AI Lead, Google Research

Tim Mullen, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO & Research Director, Qusp Labs

Alan Macy

Co-Founder, Research & Development Director, BIOPAC Systems, Inc.

Gino Yu, PhD

Associate Professor, Director of Digtal Entertainment and Game Development, Hong Kong PolyU

Davide Vigano

Co-Founder, Sensoria Inc.

John Spinale

General Partner, JAZZ Venture Partners

Joe Hudson

Supporting and investing in scalable organizations that encourage consciousness and personal development

Sanjay Manchanda, PhD

Pioneering neurofeedback and neurostim clinician, computer science professor

David Ngo

Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

J. L. Sanguinetti, PhD

Research Assistant Professor (UNM); Postdoctoral Research Fellow (ARL)

Sterling Cooley

CEO and Co-Founder, Berkeley Ultrasound, Inc.

Rohan Dixit

Founder and CEO, Lief Therapeutics

Watson XI, PhD

Principal Investigator, Transformative Technology Lab, Sofia University

Richard Handbury

Founder, CEO, Sana

Yuval Mor

CEO at Beyond Verbal Communication

Neema Moraveji, Ph.D

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Spire

Deborah Rozman, PhD

President and CEO of HeartMath® - Pioneer in HRV and heart-mind-body connection and training

Erik Peper, PhD

Professor at San Franciso State University

Chris Smith

Founder & CEO, JunoVR

Judith Pennington

Director, Institute for the Awakened Mind

Richard N. Gevirtz, Ph.D

Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Alliant International University | Research Director, Pain Research Center, Sharp Hospital.

Henry Boulton

FocusBand Neuro Performance System

George Eleftheriou

Founder, Feel

Poonacha Machaiah

Co-Founder & CEO,

Siegfried Othmer, PhD

Chief Scientist, The EEG Institute

Jon Cowan, PhD

President & CTO, Peak Achievement Training

Duilio Menghini

CEO & Trainer, Biocybernaut Institute of Arizona

Jason Asbahr

Chief Technology Officer at Freeform Development, Inc.

Lauren Evanow

Entrepreneur & Investor

James Hanusa

Venture Catalyst, Digital Raign

Peter Tjeerdsma

Founder & CEO, Illumination Art

Negar Rostamzadeh, PhD

Deep Learning Scientist, Sensaura

Meditation Leaders

Dina Kaplan

Founder, The Path

Nkechi Njaka

Founder, NDN lifestyle studio

Ravé Mehta

Founder of Mehta Labs and The Great Silence

Our pioneering speakers will bring together the very latest from both research and the marketplace. During the two-day conference, you will:

  • Learn about the most important research for every major modality
  • Understand why that research is important and where researchers are pushing the boundaries
  • Hear how that research is being packaged to reach the masses
  • Ignite your inspiration with a clear vision of the possible impact and future potential of that modality

Enabled by exponential technology, TransTech links smartwear to smart homes, wearables to AI, VR to meditation, and human thriving to emotion recognition technology.

Sessions include:

  • Fireside Chat with Dr. David Eagleman
  • Fireside Chat with Google VP and long-time TransTech leader Ivy Ross
  • The Secrets the Heart Keeps and Other Lessons of Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback with Dr. Richard Gevirtz
  • Into the Wild: When Neurotechnology Escapes the Lab and Other Adventures in Translation With Dr. Tim Mullen
  • The Skin You’re In and Other Signal “Tells” of Emotional State with Dr. Erik Peper
  • Emotion Recognition and Tracking: How Can It Help Us Achieve Our Wellbeing Goals? With George Eleftheriou
  • What 1 Million Vibrations Per Second Can Do for You: Mood Alteration and Ultrasound with Dr. Jay Sanguinetti
  • Ultrasound Beyond the Lab: What’s Possible When You Combine Wellbeing and Vibration with Sterling Cooley
  • Understanding the Self Through the Use of Digitally Constructed Realities with Dr. Gino Yu
  • I Feel What You Say - Vocal Emotion Detection for IOT and Wellbeing with Yuval Mor
  • Integrated AI with Dr. Mohamad Tarifi
  • Why Now? An Overview of the TransTech Market and the Trends Driving Growth with Nichol Bradford
  • Entrepreneurship in TransTech: Lessons Learned from the Frontlines with TT200 Companies with Dr. Deborah Rozman, Dr. Neema Moraveji, Poonacha Machaiah, Rohan Dixit
  • The Signal and the Noise: The Science of Identifying Signal in Life’s Processes with Alan Macy
  • Real-Time Transformation: Leaders in Neurofeedback with Dr. Siegfried Othmer, Judith Pennington, Dr. Jon Cowan
  • Trans-Cranial Current Stimulation for Wellbeing and Transformation: A Frontline View with Sanjay Machanda
  • Real Virtualities: Transformation and Digital Reality in AR/VR with James Hanusa, Chris Smith
  • Transformational Art Break: Light Art as a Modern Mandala: Drawing the Eye through Negative Space and Peripheral Vision with Peter Tjeerdsma

Following the conference, Sunday will feature a handful of expert-led workshops that will immerse you in a topic that will catalyze your TransTech work and your contacts within the space.

Like last year, the conference will kick off with community building and social events to help us all come together and catch up.

In addition to the speakers, there will be hosted, highly interactive, participatory breakout sessions featuring...YOU!

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Last Year's Program...


The conference began with a pre-conference summit to define the core ideas and areas that are shaping the Transformative Technology space. All conference participants were invited to participate in small group visioning breakouts that were broadly organized around the following themes: definitions, methods, outcomes, and ethics. A powerful vision emerged from the community that shaped the debate and was encapsulated in the full conference sessions that followed. See the detailed outcomes here.

Day 1

Opening Meditation – By Robert Thomas, Teacher San Francisco Zen Center

Introduction to Transformative Technology

Mikey Siegel and Dr. Jeffery Martin

Transformative technologies have existed since humans first danced around a fire. Combining neuroscience, biosensors, gamification and more, we are now poised to create transformative experiences like never before.

Video Games and Neuroscience: A Vision of the Future of Medicine and Education

Adam Gazzaley

Moving well beyond communications and entertainment, how can tech improve the quality of life? We know it is possible and that it will mean taming the "distracted mind" using attention, working memory, and goal management.

VC Perspective on Transformative Technology

Tim Chang

The digital exhaust trails of all of your behavior form a better portrait of you than what a biographer could write. Technology can isolate us and make us more fearful or it can connect and enliven us.

Transformative Technology Lab: Supporting and Serving the TT Ecosystem

Nichol Bradford

Welcome to the trans tech barn raising! As a conscious ecosystem, how will we collaborate and catalyze to alleviate mental and physical suffering? Technology is the only tool that can scale to reach everyone.

From OS to UI: The Role of Flow in Transformative Technology

Jamie Wheal

We are the whacked-out and worried. Standards of living have risen, but our psychology has crashed. Optimizing brains, physical wellbeing, and peak performance are what lies ahead on the human evolutionary curve.

What Exactly Are We Transforming Into?

Luke Nosek

Drawing on his VC experience, Luke encourages entrepreneurs to figure out *why* you do what you do. Motivation and philosophy are intertwined in attaining funding and how you drive the vector of the company you build.

"Tuning the Brain" for Wellbeing with Transcranial Ultrasound ('TUS')

Stuart Hameroff

Does wellbeing have a soundtrack? Wellbeing is a state of consciousness and, as Stuart shows us, consciousness is more like music than a computer. Listen to the mesmerizing tones of neural communication.

Closing Meditation – By Adil Kassam, founder,

Day 2

Opening Meditation, Sukmandir Singh Khalsa & Kirantana Khalsa

The Path of the Transformative Technologist

Mikey Siegel

You are what you build and you build what you are. What brought each person to this first TTC was choosing an uncommon path and sharing a vision of how we can build new technologies to evolve the human experience.

Muse: Transformative Brain-Sensing Technology, Now in Best Buy

Ariel Garten

We're only at the beginning of understanding the power of the brain understanding itself. Ariel recounts her history of mind-controlled gadgets that crescendoed with the development of the Muse headset.

The Future of Health, and Transformation…Where Can Technology Take Us?

Daniel Kraft

Current healthcare is actually sickcare. Its reactive nature means that disruption must start by shifting incentives to value-based care. From wearables to insideables to trainables, there will be major markets for tech.

HeartMath: Founding the Transformative Technology Product Space, Lessons Learned for New Entrants

Deborah Rozman

This mind-body quantification pioneer recounts the *aha*! moment of first seeing heart wave data that mirrors emotional state. Coherence in the heart enables emotional self-regulation and sustained behavior change.

Bridging Academia and Technology: Mindfulness as a Case Study for Behavior Transformation

Judson Brewer

From molecular biology to contemplative neuroscience, data will form the base for building truly transformative technologies that drive attention, produce strong user engagement, and offer uplifting results.

Thync: How Good Feels

Isy Goldwasser

Following the thread, Isy leaves his planned presentation behind and walks us through the inspiring journey, full of peaks and valleys, to creating technologies that give people full access to their own capabilities.

Jiyo: Building Digital Platforms to Serve The Wholeself, Enabling Behavior Change

Poonacha Machaiah

True wellbeing occurs within community—connection that gives a deeper sense of life's meaning. Trans tech developers work their own personal evolution as they move along the continuum of serving others.

Reaching for Extraordinary Wellbeing with Transformative Technology

Dr. Jeffery Martin

A fundamental shift in the nervous system can enable a state of deep psychological and physiological safety, setting the stage for marked and persistent engineering of your own extraordinary wellbeing.

We've seen the 4 minute mile equivalent in psychological wellbeing and now understand even more of what's possible for mankind.

Closing Meditation - Sarah Cruse


Curated Breakout Sessions were led by innovators and luminaries in fields relevant to TT. Unlike a traditional talk, these were facilitated small-group interactive sessions with the experts below.

Breakout Leaders

Mohamad Tarifi Compassionate AI
Robin Arnott Game Design for Transforming Consciousness.
Forrest Bennet Neurotechnology for Enhanced Wellbeing and Mental Performance
Daniel Schmachtenberger Future Human Laboratories – non reductionist approach to neuro-healing. How do we model this field?
Arnaud Delorme Transformative technology and Consciousness Research
MaTan Music technology, sonification of data
Shamini Jain Transdisciplinary perspectives – about advancing the science of healing.
Richard Hanbury Sleep starter – chronic pain – Sleep assistance & entrainment
Jennifer Dumpert Dream Tech
Darin McFadyen Using tech to enhance what music does naturally
Jonathan Palley Communicating the value of trans-tech in P&L terms to executive staffs
Dr Jim Hardt Biocybernaut institute
Dr Rayleigh Chiang Sleep medicine & sleep tech
Helane Wahbeh PTSD at IONS


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